Death is ignorant and stupid: Adieu Gen. Chol Daleer!

Tribute by Junior William Deng

Lay in peace big brother Brig. Gen. Chol  Daleer Abit. I believe you have died empty, you fought for the freedom and independence of the people of South Sudan, though you heavily suffered sectional politics during the deployment and placement of the SPLA. You were sidelined and scolded but you never complained, you never lobbied for a position in  the military and in civil sector,  you individually survived the hurricanes and tsunamis of public looting and gangsterisation of the economy.

You struggled  like all the commoners in any bourgeoisie economies and thrived in a bow to make sure food and all basic necessities are available for your children. You were a good father, brother,  cousin and public official. Your wisdom stands tall, your bravery and decisiveness rank you par excellence among your peers and colleagues.

I never knew a simple commando, general and administrator. You were available for all classes of our section and community regardless of their social standing. Families have invited you  to attend birthday parties of their children but you never disappointed them,  you went and cheered children up. You allowed your house to be used by the community for good and for bad,  individuals have used your compound and you never hissed.

You never divided people. In your philosophy, you were never Adhiokian but a Kongor, Ayual, Pakeer, Bor or Nyarweng  and beyond Nuer, people of Bhar El Gazal and people of Equatoria. This character was and forever will be living dynamite of humanity among us.

As a family,  we thank you for leaving behind a community of five boys, 3 girls and 2 wives. Our gods will be forever happy for you.

Death is ignorant and stupid!



Adieu, Gen. Chol Aleer Abit!

Brig. Chol Aleer Abit has passed on prematurely, before I pay him back for what he has done to me and my junior brother. He was a friend both in need and indeed.

For 5 years, our friendship had been kept (or I should say, torn) apart by that useless war of power greed. Alas, forever now, our friendship has been put off by that sudden death!

Please, join me in remembering him for this. In 2008, I returned from my Pen village when I was in a very penniless state due to my marriage settlement. Deng Aluong (my younger brother, who put all his weight in the creation of my new family) was equally in despair. So I asked him to come along with me to Juba.

Then I walked straight into Chol’s private office of Daleer Driving School. I I asked him to help me train my brother with a promise of paying him back later. I had a Rav4 that Deng was going to operate as a special hire. The following words won me a favour from Chol Aleer.

“Big brother, I am just back from settling my marriage, which has left my brother a helpless pauper. To appreciate his unwavering commitment in making my marriage possible at the expense of his own, I need this young man converted from driving cows to driving cars.” Chol nodded with dilation.

“You are a young man of admirable character,” He commended me. “Since I have not contributed to your marriage, I will help Deng as my contribution.” Though we have no trace of relation between our communities of Adhiok (his) and Abbowdit (mine), he felt so obliged to have helped. This is rare! This character is why Chol is unique and should be remembered for not only liberating South Sudanese people from colonial slavery but also from the bondage of poverty and ignorance.

A year later, Deng Aluong was a self-reliant family man, who is now taking care of our families during my absence. that is why I now harbour the belief that the man, Chol Aleer, has not only supported my family but has created and supported so many other individuals and families in our greater Bor Community as well as South Sudan in its entirety. Alas, he has orphaned us!

However, as my friend Deng Kuir or Junior William Deng has put it, he has left behind 3 of his own blood, to whom our hope will now turn.

It is due to his white heart for everybody that he prematurely and suddenly collapsed to his death upon hearing the death of his very responsible brother, Deng Garang Abit, in Juba. I am left with few words to express my appreciation and loss about this man.

As Deng Junior has put it, death is ignorant and stupid! Adieu Big Brother Chol Daleer Abit!



Uncle Chol d’Aleer Abit, my mind finds it difficult to accept that you are gone, not to meet us again in this world, maybe in another.

My first personal encounter with you at Prof. Ajuoi Magot’s house in Main Campus, Moi University was humbling. Your words as I can remember were “Deng, now you have joined engineering, you have to make us proud, two South Sudanese who came before you could not make it and were discontinued, please don’t let us down”…

Those words kept me going through those five years of engineering journey and to a greater extent, they were responsible for the successful completion of my course. This was before I could even establish that we were both descendants of Deng-kwacwaak..but your nationalism and love for your people made you and Prof. Ajuoi feel that you had obligation towards this incoming young man.

Your service in the liberation of South Sudan can’t never be discounted regardless of the cold treatment you got in your last days. 

Your role as a member of Bor Youth Executive in 1983 where you played a key role in mobilizing young men who went with you to Bonga to form the first battalion of students and civilians, that’s Jamus, needs to be mentioned in your eulogy lest liberation history will not be complete.

Your combat role as first officers of commando will always shine in the anal of history of liberation from Malual Gahoth, to Nuba Mountains, to Opening up of Greater Bahr Al Ghazal, to Bright Stars Campaign Operations in Equatoria Regions.

Your endurance and unmatched bravery , saw you through three days of fire fight only with your bodyguards and vulnerable civilians from Akobo to Pibor where you fended off bloodthirsty Nassir forces.

Your last operation engagement at Buna Contention as Deputy Front commander will always be appreciated by those of us who saw the tenacity at which the pursuing enemy was, at the last assets and command bases of the weakened movement.

Regardless of these contributions, you endured humiliation and marginalization for the last twelve years with dignity.

You commanded a whole front during the war, but couldn’t be given a brigade to command in the peace time, that’s life.

The most important thing is that those of us who saw this cow, South Sudan, limping to fruition will always remember you the true liberators of this dear land.

We will keep you in books of history regardless.

May your soul rest in peace, Gen. Chol Aleer Abit.
Until then.

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