SOUTH SUDAN: From War of Religion and Region to War of Interest and Internet

By Puorchien M. Makeny

During the time of liberation struggle there are megaproblems that are in the forefront of revolutionary movement worth secession. -Islam was imposed as a national religion of both sudans, North and Southern Sudan.

-Imposition of Sharia law, an islamic law almost walking together islamic religion-It is ultimate when you accept islam.

-Opression[ political, social, cultural, and economical oppressions].

Marganilization [oppression of southern voices in socio-political and economical fields].

These were the major issues catalyzing South Sudan Liberation movement where SPLM/A was the vanguard of the struggle under the auspices of the visionary leader Dr.John Garang De Mabior, who died as a political martyr before testing the fruits the long struggle he harboured all his life in 39years, Just like Frantz Fanon, Algerian revolutionary leader who died as political martyr.

Dr. John Garang De Mabior was such a prophetic, before he died in may 2005, he made a paradigm shift to what birthed the country we called a state today through his negotiations of CPA. His other name is success, he achieved a victory in the negotiations of Comprehensive Peace Agreement which put in place the valuable documents, semi-autonomous status of Southern Sudan, and referendum of 2010.

In May 2005, Dr. John Garang De Mabior died, an architect of the movement in tragic death, helicopter crash.  Tellingly, the rebellions flaring up today are the signals of the fact that he is being buried in the tomb with vision and mission for the country.

The mess we are in now is a tacit endorsement of Salva Kiir Mayardit leadership failure in swallowing our liberation, our freedom, our independence, the prosperity that we ardently fought for. what a waste !

We achieved our hard-won independence in 2011 that marked our status as a state in the world and that also made us 193member state of the United Nations, World parliament.

With Islam, Imposition of Sharia Law, oppression and marginalization as a centre-stage of our struggle we have won all that following our hard-fought secession, but the worst of all is that after we emerged as the victors of these, our country was plunge to more than what we have harboured our viguor valor and energies to fight for, Tribalism, corruption, civil war more of what we have with The Republic of Sudan,   internal oppression, marginalization of small tribes voices by the majority. 

What is the different now?

We have tribalism  which a mega in character like sharia law, we have internal oppression which is better to be oppressed externally like what we were experiencing with the Sudan we have wage a struggle claiming for it but now When are we going to be free in the tight grip of internal oppression?

When shall there be no tribalism in voices -marginalization?

We need a second liberation. It must be both ideologically and intellectually. Most of our people, especially leaders live in their own world of assumption.

The coterie in Jubex 1 think that the war of internet is their big worry, forgetting the alarming issue which have claimed multitudes of lives is the war of interest in doing whatever it takes to hold on the mantle of power. This was mirrored by the carnage of 2013, 2014,2016 and even now people are still dying and will continue dying  just because in South Sudan Power is synonymous with bloodshed: those who are holding on to power and those who rose up to take power are using the blood of the citizens as their politico-interest drive.

Why is civil war of power struggle continue depleting our populations?

Why do leaders persist and insist in using Youth as pawnbrokers to garner their filthy interests?


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