Anei Malong to Gordon Buay: “You’re an Attack Dog, a Qualified Conman in the Sinking Titanic…!”

Dear Ambassador, 

I am writing to respond to your uncalled-for attack on my step-mother, Madam Lucy Ayak. As a diplomat, you know very well that your service falls under the rubric of external relations. You know very well that you have no business commenting in internal affairs. 

I also know that had it not been for your interest in resources, your quest to make yourself relevant to the cabal that is conspiring against my father, you would have not taken this path. If resources are your motive, let me remind you that the resources of a peaceful South Sudan far outstripped your sinecure token of few dollars you earn each time you make yourself relevant to the cabal by attacking the innocent. 

Amb. Buay, it is an open secret that you are a character assassin, a man who offers, at a moment notice, his unsolicited services as an attack dog – a behavior that is beneath your ambassadorial status. 

Knowing you, I suspect you are not even in the inner circle of those attempting to use state powers to eliminate my father, but your insatiable greed for money have pushed you to curry favour with them by attacking our family. This move, while it may earn you few dollars as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, have surely earned you the ire of our family. We won’t take your treacherous acts lying down. Going forward, know that your disrespect will not go unanswered. 

You attack my step-mother by claiming that President Kiir has evidence to support his decision on his moves against my father, but if that is the case, why has my father not been taken to court? What everyone knows including your good self is the government has totally disregarded its own laws and arbitrarily detained my father without charges for seven months. The illegality of this detention can only escape the conscience of sycophants like yourself whose loyalty is always to the highest bidder in the game and not on principle position. 
Amb. Buay, without procedural fairness on this case, we as a family we will continue to inform the public of any malicious and unlawful moves against my father. His illegal detention and the conspiracies to harm him are enough reasons for us to be transparent with the public. We believe the public deserved that. You may think otherwise, but we have chosen transparency over the secrecy.

Mr. Buay, your slippery characteristic can simply define you as qualified conman, untrustworthy, reckless principle but unfortunately you are conning in the titanic. The sinking boat, your quest for money is unbeatable and such weird man, very in honest who goes around snitching as mode of making money and political prostitute like you should not be allowed to get closely to our president for he is unpredictable. 

– To be continued –

Anei Malong Awan.


  1. Let us embrace peace bro #Aneidit your father is a man with understanding and humanity. We are all wishing for peace and unity in our country. Let those war lovers continue creating conflicts amongst our communities but God will uprooted them in bright day light bro. God have mercy on us and bring blessing and peace back to my country South Sudan in Jesus name AMEN!!!!

  2. Brother, #Aneidit we wish our community and country a peace coexistence, your father is a man of humanity with understanding. Let us embrace peace in our country and let those who are war lovers continue doing their deeds but day of judgment will come in a bright light. May God have mercy on us and make our country great and united again in Jesus name AMEN!!!

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