Gen. Malong’s Soldiers Defection Declaration Letter Now Disowned

Dear People of South Sudan
It’s a common knowledge that I Ajang Ajang Lino left the country since May 2017. This was bore out of the threat to my life by the national security of Akol Kor who has work hard to sabotage the freedom South Sudanese fought for in the last 40 plus years of liberation struggles.We thought we would be free to air out our differing view without fear of intimidation in our country.

Since then Akol Kor and his sycophants had been working harder trying to convince me back to Juba.I came in briefly on June 1st and left five days later after my conscience fail to convince my stay.Its a known fact that I had already decided to work against the regime which is making life of the masses more miserable daily and therefore no one is capable to change that stand.

It’s clear that it’s require one to make official announcement but I have my reason of having not made this official.South Sudanese will know this when time come.

The reason why I break this silent today is in response to the same desperate Security who have  taken it upon themselves to author a letter where I was link as a spokesperson of a group who have purported to have join Riak Machar Moment.its should be a known fact that official announcement are made by individuals and no one under the sun is more capable of impersonating.

I repeated here that I had not written any declaration so far and that the document circulating on the social media is a fake declaration author by desperate sycophants who now feel disturbed by my silent.The name Emmanuel Ajang is not mind either,but felt short of how my number which I once used while in Khartoum was used.

I understand the shaggy ground the regime stand therefore trying harder to produce propaganda to sustain their stay.

Media are advise to first consult the authenticity of any release before making any news about it.

Thank you 

Ajang Ajang Lino

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