By Wenne Madyt Dengs

I’m told we’re in a blindfold

In which we’re sold


Our voices are censored

Whilst our death is sponsored


We’re Gentiles in our gentleness today

We’re scavenging in Sodom ku Gomorrah


Our mouths are tightened

A rightful word is awarded


A death certificate in every society

We live our identity as abused


Our race holds no joy to our neighbours,

We’re what their mouths chew


Still we can’t see light

We’re in darkness


The little light keeps vanishing

Dissolving into our history,


Every bird shall sip our blood

In the nightmares of hatred


We’re born in fragility

As our taste has gone sour


Our kindness has grown wild

For we’re a curse in this era.


Wenne Madyt Dengs is a South Sudanese poet and activists. He is going to publish his first maiden poetry book a few months.

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