FROM THE EYEWITNESS: Rushing in plane-loads of Murle Militia Will Escalate The Situation


By Capt. X (Thru: Emmanuel Malual)

I am not just a whistleblower but an eyewitness, who is a member of the armed forces that are now being urged to shoot at our brothers in another tension leading to bloody flare up in defence of the bloodtained seat of Salva Kiir.

Last night, this is what I witnessed, and I do not want to keep silent on it. The government should not encourage the use of tribal militia every time they have internal or personal disagreements.

At 10:16PM South Sudan time, two planes landed to the far end of the Juba International Airport. The planes were carrying soldiers who were later identified to be Murle militias that Gen. Akol Kor ferried in to implement his hard push agenda of arresting or assassinating Gen. Paul Malong. Because of unfounded fear of the unknown, the man has been running the show since the dismissal of the former army chief. He has been so itching with the living Malong as he still considers him a threat to the presidency he so much desires.

The reasons for this militias whom Akol Kor had armed to the teeth are enjoying government services, yet they are not the regular army, is yet to be known. To bring them in the context that they are David Yau Yau’s Cobra faction is also wrong. When did Yau Yau’s forces get officially integrated into the main SPLA? The last time I heard about them was the massacres in Bor and vice versa.

My personal concern is also this. The Murle militia’s deployment in this mess also borders the impression that Paul Malong helped armed the Bor youth against Murle. This has caused an incitement and unnecessary bitterness in the hearts of the Murle community, who now see themselves as victims of Paul Malong’s conspiracy.

Their presence in Juba is the escalation of the already fragile situation and will now ensure that the orders to storm Paul Malong’s house would be easily implemented since the sharply divided Tiger forces declined to execute the orders from President Kiir.

This sinister move has now pitted the people of Aweil serving in Kiir Ayuiei government to take positions of self-defence nd community vigilance as the events are unfolding. Malong’s house would now be stormed at anytime from today unless external intervention is done.

The already circulating press release from the army spokesperson is an act to divert attention and help them justify Akol Kor-Ajonga malicious intention. Otherwise, what I saw on that paper is an understatement of the situation that I am witnessing as a soldier being used to break up the little peace my family is enjoying here.

According to the sons of Aweil with us in the government of Kiir and Taban, Gen. Malong is a victim of a circumstance and history will judge us all harshly if we allow what befell Bol Akok in the 1980s to have happened again in 2017. This tradition of sacrificing individuals to safeguard Kiir’s position must stop. We have shed enough blood and broken up our new nation just to keep the failing regime together. At this cost!?

As I write this note, I am standing along the airport road where three 12-mm mounted vehicles are on standby. Gen. Akol’s house is guarded by one tank positioned near Tulip Hotel, one tank at Buluk, J1 has more than 3 tanks already and so on. I mean, if they distribute the military defence among themselves to guard their women and children like this, how about our families out there?

In short, Paul Malong’s house is now surrounded with more than 20 tanks. Ya jama, even the whole Jallaba enemy was not fought with this heavy armament at one time during our struggle. When did Kiir acquire such courage and military skills that we did not see him using against our common enemy during our liberation struggle? If for sure the army spokesperson’s propaganda release wasn’t a rubber stamp to the worsening situation, why do you have to disarm just a squad of 12 people by deploying 20 tanks and 15 military pickups just around one man’s house?

My last appeal as a foot soldier for both Akol Kor and Kiir is to think twice before they provoke another bloody fight in Juba. This will be worse than the Riek Machar’s fights! Unless Kiir sends his so-called elders in the name of JCE to Malong again, the Dinka-versus-Dinka fight will not be business as usual with Kiir and his boys.

Otherwise, my protest is the bringing in of the Murle militia to be another Dotku Bany killer force in Juba again this time yet we all know the enmity between the Murle and some tribes like the Bor Dinka and Lou Nuer? For how long should the youth of South Sudan keep dying around J1, ya jamaa? I hereby swear never to accept any General Dog’s orders to attack my own Dinka brothers. Period!

We shall see what will happen tonight and tomorrow.


The writer has requested us to keep him anonymous for fear of reprisals as he is an insider.

NB: The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the standpoint of AFTABOSS Internet’ional blogger fraternity, but at the sole discretion of the individual blogger.

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