FLASH BACK: Scare-monging and Hate-mongering business not near me…


From Jon Pen’s Facebook Memories

This day (November 6, 2016) last year, I posted this on my Facebook status. Maybe it is still relevant to some extent today. Kede, have a look…

It is a fact now crystal clear that vilification on activists and civil society members who do not prostrate or demonstrate for the government is another form of terrorism. The scare messages and hate campaign tugged with my innocent name, for example, by my haters and detractors warrant some serious attention with some legal prescription.

Those attributing to the government and distributing online and offline that fake hit list of deportation should be careful since neither of the governments (of South Sudan or Kenya) has admitted having any knowledge of the existence of that ‘hit list’, leave alone its malicious content. They even do not know that I do not subscribe to those camps and that I run my own show. But malice clogs some minds of the knuckleheads to judge.

At the moment, I am busy at the background to rescue the group of our South Sudanese youth now facing court case and possible deportation in the wake of this week. see the result of your bad wishes… real Prosecution by Kenya Government and Persecution by South Sudan Government.

I told you yesterday that the Kenyan police and aggrieved relatives of the victims of our mess in South Sudan do not differentiate between Nuer or Agaar, Acholi or Shilluk, IO or IG, scared or scarred on the face, we all face our shits as Junubiin!

To our well wishers, God bless you! To our hell wishers, God blast you! I mean, that sinister celebration in the aftermath of Gatdet’s kidnapping and the drumming for more to follow suit from that wishful list should have not been associated with South Sudanese, whatsoever. So, dear fellow citizens, just pretend we are in the Year Twenty20, when Kiir or Riek’s politics of ethno-nationalism is already in history books. Let’s just coexist.


Hey, stop it, stupid! The next could be your wife or your sister or brother as it happened yesterday to some Bor and Nuer youth in Nairobi. I repeat, they do not give a damn about your artificial differences. Alas, WE’RE SOUTH SUDANESE, kalas!

To my colleagues, friends and relatives who are scared by the hate campaign on my person, worry yourselves not. As Lord Jesus put it on his way to Calvary, “Women of Jerusalem, cry for your own problems.” I cannot boast here, but I believe I am physically and legally secure with international law and my status that is ever reading ‘INNOCENT’!

Therefore, discard those damn tags and disregard those Facebook lists put up by some hired guns like Weston Wanjohi, Gordon Buay, etc., including some scare propaganda from the likes of Wen Kon Awet purporting that I have run and hid in Eastern Kenya. I am here on Nairobi streets, helping my fellow innocent citizens (strictly those with refugee documents) under the threat of the forces of our state’s lawlessness, an act that is perpetuated with our blood money in the hands of bloody goons.

NB: Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing!

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