Amb. Gordon Buay TO Gen. Malong’s Wife: LUCY, STOP IT!


You are not helping your husband by writing article after article in a way to mobilize some people against the Government. You are assuming a lot without having facts to find out why the President took the decision he had taken. Don’t assume that President Kiir doesn’t know what he is doing or doesn’t have evidence to support his decision.

The people who read your articles will know that a wife will never be objective no matter what. There is an inherent bias when it comes to husband and wife to the point none of them will judge the situation objectively.

It is so naive for some people, including you, to assume that Gen. Paul Malong is being victimized by the President without a justification. When Gen. James Hoth Mai was removed in April, 2014, did such a thing happen to him? The answer is no.

I respond to your writing because it becomes obvious that you are not helping your husband but harming him. You don’t know the evidence amassed by the Government to take such a decision for you to jump to conclusion prematurely.

The silence of the Government to announce the reasons of taking such a decision is to the benefit of Gen. Paul Malong. Most people in the Government do not want to expose mistakes of Gen. Malong publicly out of respect for him and his family. 

A Government can be patient but sometimes its patience can run out. Nobody in South Sudan should be above the law. If the order is given by the C-in-C to reduce the bodyguards of former Chief of Staff, that order needs to be respected. Gen. James Hoth’s bodyguards were reduced to three after he was removed in 2014. His wife didn’t write any article attacking the government for doing that.

The tendency in South Sudan that a government is wrong because it targets my relative will destroy South Sudan. In any civilized country, any individual is responsible for his own actions. What will be the difference between Riek Machar’s Ansars and those condemning a government without knowing the reasons behind the decision to reduce the bodyguards of Gen. Malong? 


You need to slowdown and leave the Government to deal with Gen. Malong. Your writings tantamount to incitement against the peace and the rule of law in South Sudan. The Government will soon talk about the reasons for the decision. I don’t know whether you are aware that calling for Gen. Malong’s supporters to resist the Government would be considered as a rebellion in South Sudan context. What is the justification to resist an order of the President if I may ask? Gen. James Hoth did not resist the order of President Kiir in 2014 after he was removed. Why Gen. Malong?

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