Agel Machar: “KIIR MUST GO, KIIR MUST STAY”; I now shut up!

A month before the signing of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan back in 2015 the SPLM-IO Youth league had an ongoing campaign on social media dubbed “Kiir Must Go” with Facebook profile pictures showing red cards.

One individual known to me from Warrap seriously threatened me for being part of the campaign. He bombarded my messenger relentlessly with unimaginable insults.

Fast forward to yesterday. ARCiSS in place and SPLM-IO are now coalition partners with President Salva in the 30 months TGoNU. I posted yesterday that “Kiir Must Stay” at least until the end of the Transitional period as stipulated in the Agreement that we are a signatory to. Guess what, the same guy called me up and seriously threatened me again. “How dare you say that Kiir must stay”? “Don’t be foolish ya wen Adhardit”!! (The guy is genuinely angry at this point) “You don’t feel the hunger because you are in a hotel”? “Let him touch Magak-dit (assuming here he meant Gen Malong) and he will  smell it”. And so on. About 20 minutes of angry lecture later he hanged up without hearing a single sentence from me.

I was left thinking like what the hell???

So I have decided that I am gonna have to just shut up about the whole thing be it “Kiir Must Go” or “Kiir Must Stay”. Watoto bado wadogo manze!

Agel Machar in his office


Copied From Agel Machar’s Facebook Status

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