By Gai Mayen Luk

For most vigilant citizens who have, with concerted efforts, been putting the problems of our country under the microscope in a genuine quest to diagnose and do away with them, one chief problem remains elusive to their scrutiny and yet it is a significant force of retrogression to reckon with. That inconspicuous foreign body which is helping the malignant fascist cancer nimble away at the realms of our nation building is JMEC under the auspices of the Oxford educated former president of Botswana, Festus Mogae.

Following the signing of the ARCISS in 2015, the Mo Ibrahim winner of 2008 was appointed by IGAD and charged with the responsibility to oversee the implementation of the agreement, pursuant to chapter VII of the accord.

Since the immediate inception of JMEC, the regime has maliciously been pissing on the sanctity of the agreement before its very watch. In fact, outset, one of the main signatories and implementers of from the Accord for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS), the untouchable rules breaker, made his intentions to change the rules in the middle of the game very clear by spitting these blasphemous words attributed to Gaafar Nimeiri’s blatant abrogation of the 1972 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement, and I quote, ”this agreement is not a Bible nor Quran,” slurred Salva Kiir.

Nonetheless, the JMEC took that ominous indication for granted such that there was no preemptive measure undertaken to check the potential misbehavior of the bad player.This leeway definitely emboldened him to commit the myriad gross violations of the agreement that we have been witnessing from the word go.

The Machiavellian ruler christened his desire to digress from the set path by decreeing the de facto 28 states, now obscenely increased to 32, into existence. Since the accord envisaged only 10 states, that callous intransigence was not only insulting to the bona fide agreement but it also shook the very foundation upon which the JMEC was established to stand; making sure that the accord is implemented ‘in lettter and spirit’.


I will not trouble myself venturing into all the scores of foul play, both minor and major, which have been and still being committed by the regime in the TGoNU since that would only mean a trivial tale of the common knowledge. But the attention should particularly be brought on the most glaring failure of JMEC, which by implication, rendered its existence in South Sudan null and void.

When Dr. Riek Machar was conspired against and violently flushed out of Juba last year, it was markedly concluded by many a person, both locally and internationally, that the ‘agreement has collapsed’.However, the JMEC with no shroud of shame, acquiesced with the sham coronation of Stephen Taban Deng Gai in the ashes of the ARCISS.

Up until now, the committee led by Festus Mogoe at the behest of IGAD is wasting African tax payers’ resources under the guise of monitoring the progress of peace implementation in a sister country South Sudan. It has instead, ironically, become an overseeing body for the giant leap in the direction of fascism and more destruction of South Sudan by Salva Kiir. As a matter of fact, the continuous existence of JMEC does nothing more than legitimize the dictatorship thriving in South Sudan today.

That is why I strongly opine that the one time director of IMF and a decorated president on the African continent should salvage his impeccable reputation by packing his things and go.


The writer is a South Sudanese activist and a student of law in the University of Nairobi.

NB: The views in this blog opinion are not necessarily those of AFTABOSS association.

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