By Akau Parmena

Women and children are badly exposed to all types of abuse, including being used as pawn in the war in South Sudan. (Internet Picture).

Nimule (Sunday, 05 November 2017). Yesterday evening at around 7 PM, a wife to Michael Jok Makuach, from Guala, was kidnapped when she was returning home from buying pampers for her less than three months baby. The unknown kidnappers bundled her into a black car that was already containing two kidnapped women plus a baby of one woman that was still breastfeeding.

The 3 women and 1 baby were driven out of Nimule toward the airstrip. According to one survivor, before they reached the airstrip, the kidnappers stopped the car and told the women to go down. The women alighted and were led to the bush. Reaching at a a comfortable distance off the road, they then asked the women for money.

Unfortunately, the first two women, who were in the car, failed to allocate their sources of ransom, so they killed them, leaving the little baby motherless in their hands.

However, the wife of Jok Makuach told them that her husband was capable of paying money, whom they contacted through the telephone number she gave them. From Mr. Jok, they demanded 2,000 US dollars, but it was later negotiated down, till they were accepted 2.5 millions Uganda shillings. The ransom was paid through MTN mobile money number whose contact was on the other side of the border, the Ugnanda side of Elegu this morning. Immediately, they released the woman.

But the whereabouts of the orphaned baby is not yet known, whether they killed it or dumped it alive at that gruesome scene. By the time the story was published, our AFTABOSS contact was still monitoring the situation. “It is just one hour since the woman returned from the bush and she cannot speak because her mouth and hands were glued,” Akau said.

The woman who hailed from Atër, daughter to Chaar Anyuat, former Chief of Atër community, then arrived Nimule with glued hands and mouth. She was received and rushed to Nimule Hospital immediately so that her glued parts be disjointed and later taken home.

She underwent simple first aid and her mouth and hands are free. She has just returned a few minutes ago and is now at home as I write this news story.

The situation is still bleak and now report yet from the police of any other security agents that might have gone to the scene. Again, the little kid whose mother they killed has remained with kidnappers, who have switched their phones off.

The identity of the kidnappers is not yet established as the money was sent to the Uganda side of the border. Whether the kidnappers are Ugandans or they use that ploy to confuse their identity and location is yet to be established.

Nevertheless, news is trickling in from the police as this piece is published that a suspected car was impounded by law enforcers this afternoon in Malakia market and taken to army barracks with its driver. Investigations are underway and results are exepected to be known tomorrow according to our source.

This new trend of kidnapping is unusual in Nimule as well as in South Sudan. Not many so-called unknown gunmen demand ransom. So Nimule is thrown into great panic.


  1. Too bad. I used to enjoy my stay in Nimule. A very peaceful environment in 2011. Surprised by the actions of the goons. These should be local militias who have run out of money. But also right now many people are jobless and lack what to eat and how to earn a living which has forced them to such activities. I plead to the President to help restore peace such that South sudan can be a welcoming place again.

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