TRANSLATION NEEDED: Help, I am ‘Arab-illiterate’!

Meaning what? And does it rhyme with his regret for our independence in Khartoum recently?
By Jon Pen de Ngong
I need your help, I am Arabilliterate! Arabic-speaking folks, please, help me translate what the text is in the ‘Kiirtoon’ here. Translate it to English so that I know. Otherwise, this was the reason I voted for separation last time, as recorded in these poems of my voter secret ballot declaration thereafter (in ‘The Black Christs of Africa’).
NB: Because I feel like my vote was not only stolen by referendum census counting goons but also sold out later by the following statement by President Salva Kiir.
“The fact that South Sudan broke away from Sudan was not really the most choice of everybody, but when the majority decide in a democratic situation, people have to go with it.”
Amen! Such were the main factors
For which I was among the actors,
Those whose choice was the ballot,
Throwing into the box their bullet.
Lo, I voted so, so as to be separate
Since I was from them so disparate.
They after me were so desperate,
So I opted to on my own operate.
I am very Arabi-illiterate,
Or am I being ill-literate?
Thus I voted but in English,
In addition to my Jienglish.
The form bears that and this about me to describe,
On condition that it’s nothing to do with my tribe;
Nor has it anything to do with my own creed,
As, by my King Nebuchadnezzar, decreed.
As a nationalistically bias paper editor,
I’d to add tribe and religion on the paper,
So that I arrive at my unilateral consensus
With the sinister tsars of the national census.
Or, should I do what?
You can just guess that!
My form was mathematically nullified
Because I had automatically qualified.
Yes, qualified but not among the eight million.
That keeps my status quo as the eighth minion.

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