NB: This is one of the first inspirational pieces under the ‘Internet’ional Blogathon’, a weekly run on ideas and skills by the young bloggers of South Sudan. Akut Francis is one of the ‘Interenet’ionnel’ (personnel) running the AFTABOSS Blog.



Akut takes a break look from concentration on a Tribe-all Anataban workshop


There is nothing as inane, paradoxical and hopeless than a ‘learned person’, who is a captive of tribal thinking!.

Oops! I see I have touched a raw nerve and mentioned a taboo matter. We are aware of the saying that a child can play with his mother’s breasts but not his father’s testicles. I am not here to contest that saying neither do I recall playing with anybody’s anything as a child.

One fact is clear however, that no single South Sudanese found a tribe application form either as a sperm in his/her father’s testicles or an embryo in the mother’s womb. So I ask, where did we begin to believe that we are simply superior or inferior based on the middle name, the language or the area of the country we come from? Your tribe was determined without your consent or control 2 minutes after your birth. Why then do you want to skin someone whose tribe was determined to be different from yours? Different birds sing different tunes but do not peck each other for singing a/in different tune. They each sing their tune to their best and create a great melody in the forest. Are we less intelligent than the birds of the forests?

Well, let me bring your attention to what war does to a population. Right now, as you type tribal vitriol you are probably having a mental image of how you will drive to your village when there is a civil war and stay safe. You are smiling at the way you will fuel the fire by tweeting more insults and urging your community to attack the other from the comfort of your MAC 2, 3, 4 or 5 – That you will be sneaking to church every Sunday looking all humble and pious to mesmerize your village parishioners with your offertory and chants like ‘En Gam Yecu Kritho Ke Ye Duluëngdië’ (I believe Jesus Christ as my Saviour’) to fake your ‘Rabunaism’ (Religious orientation) hoping to fool everyone including God. You even lie to yourself and believe that there is a ‘deputy god’ somewhere you will run to when your relationship with God is messed up. Do not cheat yourself; he is not your uncle.


Akut among all the other ‘tribes’ of cityzens

Now let me clarify a few things about war. First off, take a break from reading this annoyingly long article and get the following documentaries: Our own history of independence, “The very freedom that you and I enjoy today, and more often than not, take for granted was hard won. With a piercing determination – blood was shed, eyes gouged out and even nuts smashed”. From the Anyanya I to Anyanya II, then to the SPLM/A movement and to the Dec 2013 war; all these combined, have a raw footages of what a war looks like; they will pretty much make your weak faith in peace gain consciousness. As it is happening now, war brings great indignity and so much human suffering to the masses.

When a country sinks into war, there is a high degree of lawlessness – the permanently dangerous Juba-Yei, Juba-Nimule, Juba-Bor, Juba-etc roads! None of the so called disciplined forces will have any discipline anymore. They will become a militia and will literally maim, kill and rape the vulnerable. They will not be keen on what tribe you come from; they shall be looting, killing and raping to make you easy to deal with. They will be the ones having the guns and guts. You will not even have electricity to charge that smart phone you use to tweet insults. Infact, there will be no internet or phone service to reach your sibling across town. You will watch as you get consumed by your own class of people. The class you thought you could incite easily; now you will be pleading with them to spare your left and right kidneys.

You will not drive to Kenya or Uganda for refuge as usual. Have you ever watched us refugees arriving in a country while driving? Do not console yourself that you live in Juba or nearby and that you will only need 5 to 8 hours to get to Nairobi or Kampala. You will walk and probably access Kampala via Renk or Wau – that’s already a century footing there. I have seen people boarding buses at Konyo Konyo to alight at Jameson Hotel because they cannot walk 700 meters. They shall walk 700000 kilometers!

In the great trek, you will watch your siblings, friends and other humans die along the way and no one will have time to bury them. You will focus on your own safety in the same clothes for 365 days. You will all be speaking one language – the language of ‘ACCEPTANCE,
ONENESS and ENDURANCE’. You will then realize sadly that you cannot even access a church as they will be targets or already burnt down. You will ask God many questions including why He has forsaken you. Unfortunately, he will not be having a phone to respond to you immediately. He had given you a head to carry your brain but you decided to use it to carry your pierced nigga-looking ears and teeth to help you pronounce ‘T’ for tribe and ‘D’ for death as you spewed tribal hate. Now you will have to eat a humble pie of hate and heat!

During war, you will not have any ‘Quality, Landmark, Oasis Camp, Dembesh or Juba Raha moments. You need no IGAD or a T-shirt with a peace message to be peaceful. You just need frequencies of acceptance, love and unity.


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