Thanks to President Kiir for ‘responding’ to us


On September 25, 2017, we decried President Kiir’s unsubstantiated accusation against the Social Media as being the one that displaced 1,000,000 South Sudanese into Uganda. Our response did not go well with his supporters. We were warned sternly, if not threatened for writing an open letter, published on this blog, to the president, entitled: ‘To President Kiir, We Did Not Chase 1,000,000 South Sudanese to Uganda’.

Fortunately, he has responded almost directly to our previous rebuttal, just within the same week of the DW media interview. From the news we saw on many online sources, we almost doubted his statement on the discovery of the real cause of the displacement, looting and killing; just as Atem A. Deng put it in another forum, thus, on a story with the headline:

Kiir Blames Organized Forces For Crimes

“If this charge has finally come from the President himself, and especially if it won’t be retracted or claimed that the president was quoted out of context then could the chickens be likely coming home to roost? As we all know, anybody who placed such charges against elements of the organized forces in the past, including initially the case of Terrain Hotel, was accused of being pro-rebels.” Atem wondered.

And this is the new charge against the organized forces from the horse’s mouth. Hurray, we are vindicated by the same source that sensationally accused us.

“You have the biggest share of the blames,” he said. One example is that Juba-Nimule road, the homes along the road have been destroyed, roofs removed and items taken. Who did it? It’s you because everyone going on the road sees soldiers in uniform at homes removing these things.” he said.
This comes after seven members of the organized forces were arrested last week after a robbery in Gudele left two people including a two year old baby dead and their mother injured.
“People must stop from continuing doing it. You better stop this problem,” President Kiir said in Arabic. He made the remarks in a meeting with officers of the police service, prisons service, Fire brigade at Freedom Hall.


This turn of direction of the president’s finger of blame came just 3 days after he presumably told the German TV (Deutche Welle) the following as the cause of the displacement of South Sudanese population into IDP and refugee camps:
The people who ran to Uganda were chased away by social media. There was no fighting in that area. They were told to leave because they know a UN official came in to assess the humanitarian situation to decide if there was need for assistance. Instead, he went and reported that there was a looming genocide in South Sudan, which has not happened up to now. People were called from their houses and told to run away, that if you don’t go after one hour you would be a dead person,” said President Kiir to Adrian Kriesch (DW).
In conclusion, Salva Kiir Mayardit is the Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces in the Republic of South Sudan. If he can say  this, then we take it for real. And we, therefore, give him his due by thanking him for recognizing the fact and reversing (by default) his previous position.
Kiir and police officers
President Kiir posing with police officers after the meeting on Wednesday. [Photo by Jale Richard]

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