SITUATION UPDATE: Two killed in Zimmerman not South Sudanese


There have been gunshots in Zimmerman this evening in which two people were shot down by Kenyan police.

South Sudanese in Nairobi are hereby informed that the two people shot dead by Kenyan police in Zimmerman by the same time the Kenyan presidential elections results were being announced at the Bomas of Kenya, are not South Sudanese citizens. They are Kenyan nationals who were on a hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, South Sudanese are therefore advised to remain indoors as Kenyans react in celebrations and/or protests according to their parties. President Uhuru Kenyatta is being declared president-elect again.

It is also worth adding that the main opposition coalition, the National Super Alliance (NASA), have just walked out of the venue in protest. We never know if this protest would be relayed in a dominion across the country by their supporters. So stay safe and communicate as soon as you experience any kind of threat as an individual, a family or a group.

More updates tomorrow. Please, keep updating us, also.

Wishing you a safe night.

Jon Pen de Ngong
Team Leader
Awareness for South Sudanese in Kenya
(ASSK 4 Info Centre)
Nairobi, Kenya.





(From Morning)

Dear South Sudanese in Kenya, today is the last day of the IEBC activity, the declaration of the presidential results.

We advise that you monitor the situation closely in all your estates around Nairobi and the other urban centres where protests are likely anticipated.

Please, report any unusual activity around your house or any attack on an individual to our contacts or your nearest and reliable contacts.

The ASSK page administrators and moderators are hereby asked to be vigilant and ready to respond to any distress signals from our community members.

This message is meant to inform, not to scare, anyone. From our assessment and contacts so far, the situation seems to be under control now, or to be brought under control once any violence erupts.

Things will be alright given the look of the situation right now.

NB: This page is not supposed to give public updates about the progress of the elections, it is only for safety updates of our people.

Stay safe.





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