AFTABOSS members in a group discussion during a #DefyHateNow workshop in 680 Hotel, Nairobi, on July 23, 2016

Dear Blogging Fraternity of South Sudan, especially our ‘Internet’ionnel’ at AFTABOSS, with apologies for inconveniences, this is to inform you that our Bloggers Workshop scheduled to August 22, 2016, at PAWA254, has been deferred to another day. The date will be announced in due course.

We therefore regret having not utilized this opportunity when most of our Bloggers were in Nairobi. However, this is beyond us as our funding partners (#DefyHateNow) had issues to iron out from among themselves and between us and them.

We hope to resume with them in the near future, and/or with any other partner for the safety, solidarity and competence of our blogging community towards our national peace and Development.

Yours Regretfully,


Jon Pen,

Chief Moderator.

AFTABOSS Internet’ional, Nairobi, Kenya.


Main discussants presenting during the #DefyHateNow workshop in Nairobi. July 23, 2016



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