PRESS RELEASE: AFTABOSS Activists Condemn the Militarization of Social Media


To All Media Houses, Social Media and the Public


It has come to our dismay that Facebook, Twitter and Blogosphere, among other social media avenues, are invaded by active military personnel from both sides of the war in South Sudan. This new unfortunate development in the advent of peace is condemned forthwith.

A death threat issued by one of the South Sudanese (Bor) youth leaders in Australia. Such individually or goup generated threats are reported daily by many South Sudanese journalists and activists.

In addition to the usual security operatives, active soldiers have opened Facebook pages and blog accounts and are physically threatening our fraternity with death and other adverse measures.

Among the victims of this this cyber terror meted out on our activists and other social media opinion leaders are our very own Aftaboss founder, John Penn de Ngong and John Aborcup. The duo with many others have complained of having received either anonymous Facebook messages, phone calls or even physical warning by many South Sudanese pro-government volunteers, security operatives and their own relatives.

Another serious Facebook threat issued in October 2016 against John Penn and Gadafi Majok (as mentioned in detailed in other comments by the ‘poster’) by one SPLA 1st Lt. Biar Ayuen Aguek, who is based in the SPLA GHRs (Bilpam) in Juba. The post praises and acknowledges the soldier’s leader for giving them a permission to go ahead and kill them (activists, journalists, politicians, etc.) the Rwanda style!

Some of the incidences are shown in the screen shot pictures attached here. This adds to the trauma of the recent killings of their friends who were kidnapped from Kenya or Uganda and murdered in South Sudan in August.

One of the daily threats that AFTABOSS is fighting as in this call to disarm the social media of such militants.



With profound regrets, AFTABOSS Internet’ional hereby condemns the mysterious death of one of their members who was killed last Sunday in the capital of Uganda.

On November 29, 2015, the South Sudanese social media activist was knocked down by a car in Kampala, Uganda. The body of the late Ajok Garang, a Masters’ student of Nkumba University, who hailed from Bor in Jonglei State, was dumped at Mulago Hospital by people referred to as the security personnel driving a car that belongs to Uganda president’s office. The car believed to have killed Ajok belongs to the State House, but was on a solitary mission, that is, was not part of the usual presidential motorcade that runs on a siren.

Therefore, AFTABOSS analysts believe that such a death could not be far from a foul play. We sincerely seek clarification from the Uganda government authorities, South Sudanese authorities and the deceased’s relatives and friends about the cause and the nature of the ‘accidents’:



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