Today, May 3, 2014, does not only mark the first anniversary of our ‘Blogathon Concept’ but is a World Press Freedom Day! At AFTABOSS, we attribute it to our bloggers as ‘WordPress Freedom Day’. Are you free?

Addis UpdatesIf not, then join us at the “AFTABOSS Bloggers’ Campaign” dubbed “Peace Blogathon”, a weekly marathon of opinions on topical issues about the ongoing peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Aftaboss is glad to announce to all its members and peacemakers that as a result of our partnership with the Coalition of Young Leaders of South Sudan, we have a presence at the peace venue in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Therefore, our proximity to the talks makes us quasi participants in such a way that we shall be getting first hand updates and debating issues from the roundtable weekly.

To participate, please, follow these guidelines:

10299955_10202473002720265_4420228214090629701_nGUIDELINES FOR “BLOGATHON PARTICIPATION AND COMPETITION”

1-  Be a member of our social media groupings:

a- Enter your e-mail address to join our Aftaboss community for e-mail post updates on this blog:

b- Be our member on our Aftaboss Facebook Group (closed group) here:

c-  Like our partner Facebook Page: ADDIS UPDATES linked here:

2- Write objectively but not necessarily neutrally.

3- Keep your response according to the topic and specifications (scope)

4- Send your story to and post the title or a paragraph on our Aftaboss Facebook Group and our partner’s Facebook page at ‘Addis Updates’.

5- The winning blog of the week will be published on all our over 60 blogs and other main media outlets. By the end of the peace talks here, the overall blogger will be invited to the signing ceremony and given a “Peace Blogger of the Year” award in the ceremony.

6- Weekly blogathon winners will get an award of a ‘fully designed’ weblog in addition to his or her story being entered into the final draw for the “Peace Blogger of the Year” award.

7- Read more about the benefits of blogging with us on other pages of this blog:




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