December 10, 2013




Today, December 10, 2013 is an International Human Rights Day, running on its 20th anniversary theme, 20 YEARS: WORKING FOR YOUR RIGHTS. However, this is not the case today with the nascent Republic of South Sudan, a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a member of the United Nations and other international and regional groupings. Today, as we are writing this petition, a newspaper editor and a Facebook blogger are behind doors, arrested on the same day.

With deep regret for the abuse of individual rights by the Government of South Sudan and with sincere solidarity for our free citizens and netizens, we, members of the Association of Facebookers, Tweeters and Bloggers of South Sudan (Aftaboss Internet’ional) hereby condemn the action taken by the legal authorities in Juba and Bor, Jonglei State, against their own laws.

Having said that, Joshua Chol Deng (‘Chol Joshua’ on Facebook: ) has spent the last few weeks in intense fear and pain. He is being switched between Bor and Juba by his county leaders; one a state minister in Jonglei and the other a chairperson of a commission in Juba, whom he criticized on Facebook for failing to protect his community from tribal massacres and other development challenges.

The comment he made could not be retrieved for this purpose after he was forced to delete it and write an official apology, which was in turn used as an evidence against him later. This morning, at 9 o’clock, Chol arrived from Bor and went straight to the police station where he is being kept there indefinitely. By the time Aftaboss Chief Moderator telephoned him, he had spent 7 hours without anybody visiting him, and may remain there for the night or so.

“In Bor prison, I spent 36 hours there serving the time of the big man, who is a minister in Jonglei. This morning the one in Juba ordered that I be brought here for his turn on me,” Chol said on phone while in his prison cell in Juba.  His plight to merge the case to one place since it was an offence on one Facebook comment fell on death ears as he is being shared to serve justice between the two leaders in between the two cities.

While on his way from Juba to Bor two weeks ago, he said he was detained before reaching Bor and beaten up by soldiers, only to be released in the morning without charges except that he travelled late on an insecure road.

“To add salt on the injury the military guys detained us at 6:50 in Bangachorot not proceed to Bor in claims of insecurity in Jonglei. One of these military personnel had me caned with 30 lashes after we exchanged some unpleasantries, after which he interrogated me and found out that I was an Aulian,” Chol narrated on his Facebook status dated November 20, 2013 (See the post and others below).

AFTABOSS is hereby condemning the way our fellow blogger is being tormented both physically and psychologically without the right course of the law. Article 26 of the Interim Constitution of South Sudan entitles every citizens freedom of speech and expression, but this article is being violated by the way a Facebook comment is being handled against the life of a citizen who is doing his duties to the nation.

We again call upon the Minister for Justice and the relevant institutions of the Republic of South Sudan to intervene and release Joshua Chol Deng or give him speedier court process as soon as possible. It is not legally sound to subject an accused to double court case on the same offence. The offence was committed on Facebook, not in Jonglei or Juba, so he should be tried for this one offence (if any) in one location. The fact that the complainants are working in different locations does not warrant the accused to be ‘served’ to them at will in violation of the laws of this country.

Please, release Chol Deng or take him through one court procedure to avoid these leaders taking the law into their own hand and revenge on a person who has the constitutional right to criticize them as leaders over his community.


John Penn de Ngong,

Chief Moderator,

AFTABOSS International.


Mr. Minister why are you hunting me with two cars loaded with over Ten CID police with their guns like I have killed some? Just wait for me in Bor I will be there next tomorrow and note that I’m not a criminal, we have a lot of thugs in Jonglei state to hunt with those policemen and that government fuel.
How hectic it is to travel on Jonglei roads now days. We spent 11 hours in a land cruiser driving from Juba to Bor and still sleep without reaching.
To add salt on the injury the military guys detained us at 6:50 in Bangachorot not proceed to Bor in claims of insecurity in Jonglei.
One of these military personnel had me caned with 30 lashes after we exchanged some unpleasantries, after which he …interrogated and found out that I was an Aulian.
This guy is called Akech Manyok The interview was as follow.
Akech:    You will not proceed a head because it is becoming dark.
Me:       we know sir it is becoming dark but let us pass because we are already within and we tired and hungry
Akech:    call anyone you know in Bor so that he takes responsibility of your lives so that we are not blamed should anything happen
We called one of the officers of National security and after that, Akech dismissed the whole conversation and asked us, “If you are killed on the way who will be responsible?”
Me:    Akech, what you are saying is not right no one is responsible for our lives except God, this road is insecure starting all the way from Juba to here and even then if anything get us here who will be responsible”
Akech:   ya Jesh, tali shilu zol de (meaning, soldiers, come and take this man away). I was marched to office and statement was recorded and after that Akech asked these questions:
Akech:    what is your name?
Me:     Chol Deng.
Akech:     from which section?
Me:           Twic
Akech:      I know but which part of Twic
Me:           Aulian
Akech:      which part of Aulian
Me:           Pan-Akech
Akech:     so do you think you are talking in forum of Pan-Akech? He shouted to some soldiers, “Give him 30 canes
After I was caned 30 lashes, I appealed for having been a victim of tribalism and I accused this culprit having caned me intentionally because he might be having problem with our clan and the same guy ordered me to be thrown into the cell until the following day.
The Extortion game is on the verge of collapse as the two bulls, Mayardit and Machardit, are thudding the ground Keeping secrets and making a decision are what make man a man. Someone who does not keep secrets always betray himself and his family. To be a leader patience and secrets keeping play a very important role in one’s life. Even Jesus who controls the universe did not reveal the end time yet… he knew he cannot lie as he is entitled to his father’s throne, but still he kept low profile. Our country is going through a tough transition that will reform it forever, but still there are some of the people who will want to set their sights to scary cracks that they see through the wall of unity meant to protect all South Sudanese. Why have we forgotten that we fought solidly to unbind this country from the bondage that shaped it negatively for centuries? I don’t agree with anyone who thinks his uncles or his community alone fought for independence especially in the last stage. There are political dwarfs who went to schools and they even went to platforms to solve national issues, but still they didn’t believe in what they were doing rather than waving their tribal cards at the very people they could serve and protect when they desperately needed helps. Others try to hide behind their tribes and spoil national course at their tribal expenses only to regret latter on. The road that our president chose is a tough one, that’s playing aces with his comrades, is probably a difficult game to win. I suppose that he had no any other choice than what he did. To be honored comes once in a life time and this involve self-sacrificial and avoiding bad friends who always ask like Mr. Hyena “is there anything to eat?” This is the right time for Mayardit to rest the government on the capable arms and prepare the road for the coming generations. Some of the big mouthed were used to getting things done for them quickly by extorting the then 1st VP or else they would sabotage the referendum process for self-determination which was prioritized at the time, and poor Kiir was forced to learn how to live between the fire hydrants and the dogs worrying about crossing the river with people. His very comrades extorted him by either milking the cow or kill her (RSS) which was in then making. Coming out with the arrears of “foot injuries” that his comrades let him knocked his feet against some stones on the road to “Camp South Sudan” such as being branded as the diver of the most failed state, and the corrupt boy by the big boys like the US and the UK mention them, Kiir shot to the toughest boy in the land overnight and I think the corrupt ones will tremble and collapse in fear of the boomerang of the sticks that they were swirling intentionally to hit Kiir on the head. There is a huge transaction of knowledge taking place across South Sudan communities and from outside countries to South Sudan. South Sudanese are getting to know everything starting from simple ways of life to politics, no any politician will ever cheat all of them again in the name of the tribes like they did in the past, and I bet some of our politicians will end up carrying their victim cards without anyone to aid them in carrying it. Our people have seen a lot and they have learnt many things, everyone was expecting chaotic shockwaves to be transmitted throughout the country prior to the show down between the two bulls (Mayaardit and Machardit) that tossed each of the Ministers against the rocks at one blow. Negative who told you that our people are not getting better? Nothing happened, let’s hope for the best and see what God has in the store for us. I want to suggest to my fellow countrymen that we don’t benefit from politicians for the sake of supporting because they come from our tribes, If I benefit from my brother at the family level other than at a national level it means we are making a load transfer to ourselves because everyone will hate us and the national agenda will have lagged behind if everyone start doing that. The simple analogy is I came from the same place with the Late Dr. Garang in fact his father’s Luak and my Grandfather’s were divided by the cattle pathway, that means the two luaks were opposite to each other in our village, but does that make me a special man in anyway? No I don’t think so, I benefited from his ideas and the project of freedom he followed for so long and in the end took his life to the alter because of me. This means I and others are free now because of Dr. Garang. I apologize to any reader who will be bored by  grammatical errors since this is my first article to post here. This author can be reached at choljoshua@yahoo.comSee More

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