The Denial of Truth

By Malual Jangdit

This article will examine the negative impacts of denial of truth, which is an ego defence mechanism that rejects the realities and operates unconsciously to resolve emotional conflict in every certain geographical region of S. Sudan. In this case, one may argue that it is a primitive defence mechanism. To prove this argument, South Sudan is occupied by three different groups of people. The first group is Internal Displaced People. This group has it owns ways of life and approach. The second is a group of refugees who’re living in the neighbouring countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. The third is a group of people in Diaspora: America, Australia, Canada, and oversee. The people in Diaspora have adapted the life of their host society, and they try to import it to S. Sudan. The integration divides the society and causes social disparity. To understand the burning issues, one may explore the social evolution that describes how cultures have developed and extend to which the social disparity describes the mechanism of variation and social change. In south Sudan, people talk about the corruption, tribalism and insecurity. One may ask,”what causes insecurity, corruption and tribalism?” Do we know those people who are involved in tribal clash, corruption and tribalism? “People are singing, one song, “we shall fight corruption.” One may ask, “Do we need guns or spears to fight corruption?” The answer is no. My readers I want to draw your attention to social inequality, and violence that engulf our country. This article is not a critic. It is public opinion to explore what we need to do in order to end the corruption, insecurity and social issues. Therefore, this article will examine primitive communism, insatiability for leadership and wealth and lust for human wants.

This section focuses on the internal structure of the tribes and social distinctions between individuals. To understand the primitive communism, one may look at ‘ethnocentrism,’ assumption that shows a failure to recognise the other people’s cultures are also important and valuable. It’s undeniable that some tribes are ‘egalitarian,’ whereby all people are equal and should enjoy equal social, political, and economic rights and opportunities. Distinctively, some ethnic groups are ‘totalitarian,’ whereby a single person rules over political, economic, social and cultural life or a system of controlling a country and its people in a very strict way, without allowing opposition from another political party. Looking at the egalitarian and totalitarian, you can learn the dark side of totalitarian and egalitarian, and it is easy to understand where the corruption, tribalism and insecurity begin in our nation. Therefore, this article reveals that the authoritarian and ethnocentrism cause institutional corruption, the policies within an organisation that break the law, serve to subjugate people in an unlawful manner by discriminating the people against each other based upon their race, ethnicity, and culture, including age and gender. Reading this explanation, whom to be blamed? It is ‘we.’ To give you a good example, the marriage of Kiir daughter to an Eritrean man was an inconsistency, because of being irrational, incongruous and illogical in Dinka for a stranger to get married in the royal family. In this case, Dinka make absurd claims about their past way of life and such as a conviction describes their primitive life. In the contemporary world, the traditional practices and moral values of a particular society or group of people are absurd notions. Clearly, some people value their tribes to be more superior and view the others as inferior. However, the gentle man can argue that we should not hold this assumption. This hypothesis reveals separatism, which is not an important aspect today rather than the ethical affiliation. It is undisputable that our nation is set apart and bound together by varied languages, ethnic groups and different cultures. However, the problems of modernisation play significant roles by bringing us together. In order to become a highly developed society, we should avoid fanaticism and the attempts to remove physical vestiges of the targeted group through the murder of a certain tribe like what Riek and Lam did in Bor. Currently, we are aware of conflict in Unity, Lake, Jongulei, Upper Nile, Warrap and Equatoria. Thinking about the ethnic conflict and cleansing, you must learn that the insecurity is caused by those who had failed to secure their positions or those who have different opinions. The negative response to accept the wills and ideas of other people is a subject matter. We don’t accept the ideas of others because we hold irrational enthusiasms. In reality, we should not take extreme actions and engaged in dirty policies that advocate more sweeping political economic and social change that’s not conventionally supported by the mainstream society. The insecurity, corruption and tribalism are unexpected ramifications of primitive communism. For us to get the solution, we must not favour our relatives and have respect for all people regardless of age, gender, and racial background. We should have a sense of community based on democracy, welfare, freedom, equality and tolerance. We should avoid the power struggle.

The insatiability for leadership is a main cause of death and suffering of innocent people across the nation. We know that every man is south Sudan loves three things: Leadership, Money and Woman. The strong desire for leadership reveals the self-indulgence and hedonism. Furthermore, ‘It is truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in need of leadership and wife.’ (Pride and Prejudice: P. 5) Jane Austen describes the desires and ambitions of rich man, and this revelation is a powerful prose. The writer argues that the greed for leadership is a cause of political corruption. It is an undeniable and irrefutable that attitudes toward national development have been dead. There is a flaw in management. The millions of people are practising a dysfunction of a political system or institution in which government officials and employees seek illegitimate personal gain through bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft and embezzlement and political violence. For the sake of development, the unlawful exaction of money or property through intimidation and undue exercise of authority should be stopped. In Juba, the government officials take the public land for their personal uses. Many people got involved because it is an easy way to obtain the plot. If a person likes your plot, he can hire a judge and give him or her money to get title deed claiming that Mr. X had bought the plot No XXX so the one who is living should leave on this date and have to pay this amount of money to plaintiff. The court was ruled out in an absence of a defendant by Mr. X Judge of high Court. The land-grabbers give the money in order to influence a judge and the police then hire a bulldozer to demolish the huts and shacks. One may ask, ‘why do police get involved in demolition? During the war, where were the police and bulldozers to chase the Arabs away in South? Is it right for us to mistreat each other? Is it a right way to destroy the nation?’ It is not logic for the government to allow such as destruction and demolition. The church of God was demolished by an Ethiopian business man who said that he had bought the plot from Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. The piece of land that he sold to the foreigner is what killed two million people. If knew that the soil in Juba is ready food why did he rebel against us in 91? It is not right for him to sell the land that had taken away the millions of lives. His Excellency, VP should sign a contract with America and China to give us the weapons of mass destruction so that we can wipe out the armed forces of Bashir in Abyei, but not to invite another trouble by tethering another enemy. We hear the blind people, ‘saying that, we welcome the foreigners to build the south Sudan.’ The intellectuals may ask, ‘were America, China, Australia and Canada built by foreigners?’ The Ethiopians are failed to build Addis Ababa, Somalis are in chaos. Kenyans and Ugandans are in the same boat with us. How do we expect them to bring changes and development, yet they didn’t make it in their countries? The foreign investors in our nation will not bring any development. They came to loot the resources and go back their nations. The influxes of job seekers pour into South will not benefit us. A good example is the story of kiir’s daughter. The family employed him and later he became feral to eat the pearl of the family. One may ask, ‘is the family of president still interested in migrants?’ I don’t blame Adutdit, but our father Majongdit for allowing the streetwalkers, pickpockets, burglars, and witches and wizards to come and con the blind and deaf people. The government should not allow the practitioners of voodoo to perform their magic trick. We read in the Holy Bible when the children of Israel returned to Canaan and began to worship the Baal. We learned what had happened to them. In this case, one may argue that our nation is a criminal market where the wicked purveyors of the world meet to trade their goods for human life. We all know the history of Sudan how the Arabs came and what are negative consequences of welcoming the migrants. If the land is useless to us why we did suffer and make separation. These acts of bad will and threats of physical harm make the victims to rebel against us. Therefore, we need to stop doing the negative things. There are ongoing tribal clashes, but the government officials don’t get involved in negotiation of peace. Instead to work on the security issue, we don’t do it. One may ask, ‘will God pour down the peace from the heaven?’ No, He is not going pouring down the peace on our land, unless we preach it to the heathens who believe in killing. The coming of peace is the end of suffering and for us to make reconciliation, we need to stop denying the truths and every living person to play its part. For us to make the progress, we must stop the crime of fraudulently appropriating property entrusted to one’s own use. The ruling party needs to call for all the opposition parties and table the burning issues in order to stop the insecurity. We must stop appointing of the people to the position based on relation rather than qualification. The power struggle triggers the ethnic conflict and pogrom. The greed for leadership adds fuel to controversy. Many people struggle to be leaders so that they satisfy their wants.

This paragraph focuses on the lust for human wants, and sexual immorality in Southern Sudan. Talking about the social evils wouldn’t excite my readers and those who love the government walking with its maternal uncle. Notwithstanding, I’m not writing a ballad, a sort of romantic article to woo the women. I’m writing the public opinion to reveal the invisible devil that eats our nation. Living in Juba, you must hear people chanting mantra, ‘the officials are eating our soil and spoiling the young girls.’ What you must learn and understand is that, ‘the crocodiles open their jaws, hunting for fishes,’ meaning the big people open their mouths to bilk the government so that they can satisfy their needs and sate their hunger for twenty-two years. During the war, it was hard for us to get money. We didn’t have time to visit the strip tease and nightclub. However, today, we have dough to make fun. Never-the-less, the wise man can argue that the infidelity that we get involved is the deadly sin and precarious obliteration. Looking at the general physical condition, you must learn that the wanton perversion of lust, fornication, adultery, and commercial sex furthered the widespread of sexual transmitted diseases, especially HIV-AIDS. One can argue that, it’s sinful and destructive practice. During the war, many of us lack luxurious things. We’re living from hand to mouth. However, today we get freedom. This liberty has been misinterpreted by many people. “Get it into your head once and for all, my simple and very fainthearted fellow, that what fools call humaneness is nothing but a weakness born of fear and egoism; that this chimerical virtue, enslaving only weak men, is unknown to those whose character is formed by stoicism, courage, and philosophy,” Sade said. Sade’s argument is based on the practice of making personal welfare and interests a primary concern at the expense of others. It’s disreputable that people are concerned with their own interests, needs and wishes while ignoring those of others. It is not logic to love yourself and do disgusting things to satisfy your needs. Such narcissism should be avoided for the sake of development. In the light of evidence, the selfishness causes the disagreement that is why the tribes, clans and families are against each other. Weekly, we read the news of attack, raid and pogrom. None-the-less, the leaders are not interested to get involved and solved the civilian war. Nevertheless, I argue that, ‘the civilian war is the civil war.’ If we ignore it, the wound would develop into the deep ulcer or cancer, and it should be hard for us to treat it. The freedom brings a social change in a subjective way. We have seen success or failure of the political system in the democratisation, security and development. This article analyses the concept of social change and the characteristics of the people. We must control our lust and sexual immorality in order to reduce the spread of HIV-AIDS in South Sudan. We don’t need to turn justice into prejudice, superiority into stupidity, humanity into inhumanity… We shall not act in a way that promotes individual interest. We shouldn’t believe in importance of money and possessions as the most important aspects of human existence.

Conclusion, this article reveals the primitive communism, greed for power and wealth and lust for human wants as the main problems that cause the corruption, insecurity and tribalism. The writer argues that, we must not favour our relatives, and the people should respect each other regardless of age, gender, and racial background. We should have a sense of community based on democracy, welfare, freedom, equality and tolerance. The government officials and employees should stop seeking illegitimate personal gain through bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft and embezzlement and political violence. We must stop the crime of fraudulently appropriating property entrusted to one’s own use for the sake of development. We shall stop the practice of making personal welfare and interests a primary concern at the public fund. The article reveals that the belief in importance of money and possessions as the most important aspects of human existence is the roots of corruption. People must control their lust and sexual immorality in order to reduce the spread of sexual transmitted diseases. The self-interest and self-gratification have negative effects on the community development. ‘The coming of development and peace will depend upon us by uniting and working together as the children of S. Sudan.’ (The Dispersed Seeds: p.1).

The Author is a pupil at Malek Primary school, Bor Jongulei State.

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