The A,B,C,D of Blogging with Aftaboss (Anti-Blogger’s Block Guide by AFTA’Board Captain)

a)- This is another introduction of a new weblog on Veterans Day, August 18, 2012. It is also released on the end of Ramadhan holiday or Eid el Fitr. It is for every South Sudanese netizen, both net’ional and internet’ional. The major benefits for one to sign up for free membership includes:

– solidarity for the netizens in the face of the growing censorship in South Sudan and around the world.

– Free posting of articles: news, views, interviews, reviews, previews, purviews, overviews and all the free views that you wish to give you satisfaction in your freedom of speech.

– updated and consolidated information from within the members and the larger dotcom community about South Sudan i.e. both national and internet’ional netizens.

– Check more about the benefits and membership on the ‘Membership’ page on the blog above.

NB: Please, click the page: ‘The Weirdnessday Observer’ and then Read why you should create a blog below…before you leave this blog!


You may not believe my testimony! I took to blogging as a means of hiding my writing 5 years ago. Does it make sense. Yes, I had to dive when my life was threatened in the main media…only to discover that I have dived in a public swimming pool, and became such a winning fool!

But today, I am telling you, blogging is the best means to your freedom of expression. In other words, it’s the sure cure to freedom from suppression. If you are a blogger….:

1- You will need not to register your blog with any Ministry of ‘In/justice and Un/constitutional Development’. Yes, you won’t be accredited in the Ministry of (Michael Makuei) ‘Mis/information and Broad Casting’. You will just register it with BlogSpot, WordPress or any other free blog host ‘internet-ionally’! How about the rest of your legality? After all, AFTABOSS will cater for them!

2- You will need no editor. Even if you contact Jon Pen or any of your fellow ‘Internet’ionnel’ for proofreading or fact-checking, you won’t need any contract best free contact!

3- Your blog needs no reporter to send you articles for updates. No! You can even reblog from e.g. Weakleaks! or Paanlwelwel or any internet’ionnel that has hit your topic of the day. Or you can check for a ‘blogathon’…a trending news or topic of the day.

4- You do not need a timetable or a policy for blogging. You can do this at midnight, on phone, after reading news or views from other sources, etc. That is blogging!

5- It’s the best reservoir for your mental debris. You can keep anything private or public on your blog for future references. So you can reduce, recycle and reuse your old flames.


c)- But there is something more for the INTERNET’IONNEL (Aftaboss Personnel):

1- Any opinion between 300 and 3000 words on this topic will be published or reblogged in our “Weirdnessday Observer” column on this Aftaboss website and on our very many weblogs and websites of our cyber community members. Anything below that word limit will be posted on our Facebook group status:

2- If your opinion on that topic falls by length in between 1983 and 2013 words, then you have won a free blog to be designed according to your choice by the moderators. Look at the example of a personal weblog on Jon Pen’s

3- Do not worry about your language command, it will be edited by our team of editors and moderators (e.g. John Penn, Tears Ayuen, Paanluelwel, etc.).

4- Look out for an ad on our Facebook Page of another topic for next week. You can also participate in selecting a topic that every member will marathon on for the blogathon of issues like peace talks, humanitarian, business, art, health, etc.


1- Free weblog designed by Aftaboss team (unless you are not ready to run one daily). And we assure you, you will not hit the ‘bloggers’ block’ i.e. lack of ideas to write about. Your fellow internet’ionnel will always generate topics for our blogathon, besides what’s trending in the main media.

2- Your piece will be published not only on The Weirdnessday Observer column but will be reblogged to all members’ blogs (e.g.,, etc.), and also published in our home Mainstream Media especially The Juba Monitor, The Citizen, The New Nation, The New Times, The Christian Times,  and our affiliate  websites e.g. New Sudan Vision, Sudan Tribune, South Sudan Tribune, South Sudan Nation, The Equatoria Sun, South Sudan News Agency, etc.

3- Prominent contributors/writers will win permanent membership on the board of moderators (bom). Please check the status, types and benefits of membership on our Membership page here:

Please, send your article (including the old ones) to or post it to our group page:

NB: Explore our blog for more about us…

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